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Ghostbusters II (NES)

Based on the 1989 film, Ghostbusters II for the NES stars you as a ghost-zapper for hire. Once again, Manhattan is teeming with spooks, ghouls and spirits of the dead. The Ghostbusters have discovered an enormous river of mood slime running underneath the city. This strange substance is feeding off the meanness, rudeness, hostility and other negative traits of the city’s inhabitants.

The mood slime is heading straight for the Manhattan Museum of Art, home of Vigo, the Scourge of Carpathia. Trapped inside a portrait, this villainous vermin is waiting for midnight on New Year’s Eve, when he will emerge into the real world. Then, drawing on the potency of the slime, he will unleash unholy terror on an unsuspecting world.

To vanquish this evil, you must make your way through seven scenes of ghost-busting action. Each scene is divided into three styles of gameplay: running/jumping, driving the Ecto-1A (shots from your car go straight ahead and up into the air), and controlling the Statue of Liberty. Armed with a slime blower or other weapon (such as a torch and book bombs when controlling the statue), you’ll shoot circling ghosts, dodge dripping slime and sneaking spiders, trap ghosts, drive around manholes, and perform other heroics in your quest to make New York safe.

Ghostbusters II takes place in and around a tunnel of slime, the city streets, a courtroom, Central Park, a subway, a harbor, and the museum. When in two-player mode, gamers alternate playing scenes.

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