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Top Ten Figures
- Egon Spengler (1st Series)
Rating: 9.9
- Peter Venkman (1st Series)
Rating: 9.9
- Ghostbusters Firehouse
Rating: 9.9
- Winston Zeddemore (1st Series)
Rating: 9.8
- Ghost Trap
Rating: 9.8
- Ecto-1
Rating: 9.8
- Ray Stantz (1st Series)
Rating: 9.7
- Janine Melnitz (Power Pack Heroes)
Rating: 9.7
- Proton Pack
Rating: 9.7
- Peter Venkman (Ecto-Glow Heroes)
Rating: 9.6
Top Ten Episodes
- Citizen Ghost
Rating: 9.9
- Egon's Ghost
Rating: 9.8
- The Boogieman Cometh
Rating: 9.8
- Ghostworld
Rating: 9.8
- My Left Fang
Rating: 9.8
- The Thing In Mrs. Faversham's Attic
Rating: 9.7
- When Halloween Was Forever
Rating: 9.7
- Flip Side
Rating: 9.7
- Ragnarok And Roll
Rating: 9.6
- Cold Cash And Hot Water
Rating: 9.6
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Featured Real Ghostbusters Action Figure
Pull Speed Ahead
Date Released: 1988

This lil fella was the first and only GB action figure to ever feature the old ripcord technology. Ya see what ya'd do is pass the cord through a hole in the Ghosts body. Then you would jerk it out of the Ghosts body and the Ghost would take off like a rocket spewing sparks from his mouth. Another cool thing was the Sparks that spewed from the Ghosts mouth were similar to the old Flash Gordon Ray Guns, which featured the same spark producing mechanisms. A side note: The Pull Cord was a Ghost Too. Well here they are, the infamous Ghostbusters Ghosts. Only trouble is the majority of these Ghosts never even saw screen time in RGB. Given the exception of Slimer and The Stay Puft Marshmallow man practically NONE of these Ghosts appeared in the cartoon. Regardless of their screen time or lack there-of these are still some pretty good Ghosts. Some of them are downright scary.
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