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So what happens in between the two movies?

While the world wallowed in the junk being produced for Saturday morning television (remember Hammerman?) the smart kids were watching The Real Ghostbusters.

RGB had a style that made it more than an adaption of the movies. Its often been argued as being anime, Japanese style animation. The Boys In Grey, Janine, and later on, Louis were all present. New to the crew was Slimer, the anonymous "Green Ghost" from the boy's first bust in the first movie. The new, still hungry, kid friendly spectre was such a hit, he spawned a spin-off show and earned a cameo in the second movie.

An interesting fact is that while most of the voices were being done by longtime cartoon voice actors, Winston Zeddemore was at one point being voiced by...

...Arsenio Hall. Hey, a man's gotta work and his hit talk show was just about to take off.

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