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the Niner's Flightsuit
Heres a few pics of my newer flightsuit all put together.. these were taken at a local convention t... more
Spike's Flightsuit
Not exact, but it'll do :) Got the flightsuit from, the boots & belt for �... more
rob's Flightsuit
this was my first ever Ghostbusters costume, and it was made in the GB's prime!... more
AntBedenman's Flightsuit
This flightsuit was made for an expo at school. It was very well liked. I just wanted to find other ... more
Kingpin's Flightsuit
Well here it is, bad picture quality and all. The unifrom still needs the nametag, the logo being s... more
skippy673's Flightsuit
Here is my flight suit managed to get all the bits i need from sent over from Usa to Uk and a few ev... more
ghostchris2's Flightsuit
This is a picture of me and my mates at a Sixth form rag week where we all dress up as something coo... more
ArtemisSpengler's Flightsuit
Whis flight suit was made in under 5 hours. I know it's not great, but when I was done, I was pretty... more
ProtonCharger's Flightsuit
this is my flight suit. its pretty obvious to you all that it is a khaki flight suit, with elbow pad... more
ghostking's Flightsuit
75% done not a real flghtsuit. i could not find one but it will do for trying to find the dar... more
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