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donniedarko's Miscellaneous
Colors for proton beams...... more
Peter Kong's Miscellaneous
Here's a new proton stream I just made.... more
mikeraines's Miscellaneous
Ok this is my new Polar Lights Ecto 1A I bought today at Wal Mart. When I bought it however I did n... more
Peter Kong's Miscellaneous
A first attempt at making a proton stream.... more
mellie's Miscellaneous
This is the camera used by the Canadian Ghostbusters to take pictures of hounted scenes. The photos... more
NewRecruit's Miscellaneous
That's it! If McFarlane dont want to do a Ghostbuster figure, I'll do mine with their own! I took my... more
Jay_Tigran's Miscellaneous
Proton Streams made in Adobe Photoshop... more
river_of_slime's Miscellaneous
This is the mate painting that they use in Ghostbusters 1. The picture was taken in 1993 at my local... more
ghostking's Miscellaneous
this is my ecto 1. i got it from wal mart i was in shock whin i seen it .i put some working lights i... more
Jay_Tigran's Miscellaneous
The street light with the CGB logo on be used when I finish the firehouse.... more
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