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pvankman's Ecto Goggles
very easy to make. supplies: (some easy to find others hard), wildplanet night vision gogg... more
Jett the GB's Ecto Goggles
This is a prototype for what will become my ecto goggles. I made them within a good nights work usin... more
PROTON786's Ecto Goggles
Hello all, these are my ecto goggles that i worked on for a couple of weeks. They are made of weldin... more
Jay_Tigran's Ecto Goggles
The Ecto-Goggles used by the Canadian Ghostbusters... more
daneghostbuster's Ecto Goggles
A pair of Ecto Goggles I made hastily before halloween. Some welding goggles, a film roll container... more
standard_911's Ecto Goggles
Made these with some welding googles and parts from home depot.... more
Fifthrider's Ecto Goggles
I never set out to build a 100% perfect copy of the goggles, but I wanted something relatively close... more
GbusterKeenster's Ecto Goggles
BConan31's Ecto Goggles.... more
borzou99's Ecto Goggles
I tried following Paranorman's plans and Starska's active project on A.S.A.P. It's pretty accurate ... more
ectopropbuilder's Ecto Goggles
these are my ecto goggles i made using norms plans. they are almost finished i just have to add the ... more
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