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Jay_Tigran's PKE Meter
The Canadian Ghostbusters PKE Meter... more
cdemaster's PKE Meter
This is a design for a new PKE meter I'm working on. It's light, strong and easy to use, this meter... more
Bassnotbass2005's PKE Meter
Here you go ghostheads. A PKE meter in 1 hour!!! Just find an old bass fishing game, and get to work... more
Ecto Ernie's PKE Meter
This is my Ghetto PKE meter. I made it in about an hour only to use in my film but I decided I'd put... more
spookbuster's PKE Meter
This is a replica of the PKE meter from Extreme Ghostbusters. The main thing is built from wood and... more
WShawn's PKE Meter
I built this unit in 1989 to coincide with the release of Ghostbusters 2. It's based on close obser... more
Dr.Spengler phd's PKE Meter
I made this pke meter from clear acrylic, and i made a circuit so it flashes some led's on the arms ... more
Psycho-Kinetic Energy meter. Its made from a power relay box I found at an electronics surplus stor... more
sg1star's PKE Meter
A PKE meter that I have been working on for awhile. More pictures will be available as the project ... more
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