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rob's Ghost Trap
This is the first trap i have ever made. i made it in wood shop with very limited resources! i made ... more
martybrandt's Ghost Trap
Heres my recently built ghost trap! Ive also added some special effect to it already. Let me know wh... more
wampa ems's Ghost Trap
This is my stunt trap. Mabye I will get around to upgrading it one day.... more
Key master's Ghost Trap
This is my trap that i finished about a year ago now but i've now attacked it with photoshop and m... more
GB_DAN's Ghost Trap
GB1 Ghost Trap made from wood and metal. Used all found parts such as the resistor, vector plates, r... more
Jay_Tigran's Ghost Trap
The Remote Ghost Trap for the Canadian Ghostbusters... more
JyPsy's Ghost Trap
This is a custom ghost trap. Meant to be more of a set trap than a throw-out-and-bust-in-the-heat-of... more
Protonguy006's Ghost Trap
Here is my beautiful first attempt trap using sg1stargates plans. It is 100% wood and isn't very he... more
Utinni's Ghost Trap
This GBII trap is made from 20 resin parts and just over 80 parts total! I still need to add the sti... more
crazyecto2005's Ghost Trap
Updated paint job and added removable cord for pedal(not pictured).... more
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