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miniecto1's Ecto Mobile
My Ecto 1 is based on a Mini Clubman Estate (a real British Mini,not a german 1!) Seen here at a Min... more
Kingpin's Ecto Mobile
Well, here's some pics of my Ecto-1A, please note the roof rack isn't actaully glued together, it's ... more
river_of_slime's Ecto Mobile
Here are the pics of Ecto1a. I bring u good news and bad news about 1a. Lets start with the good new... more
darthpunk's Ecto Mobile
Here are some pictures of my 1959 Miller + Meteor. She is in great condition and I consider myself l... more
dcota's Ecto Mobile
I Know, I know its not white but I thought people might like to see another version just to prove it... more
GhostbustersMAU's Ecto Mobile
An "Alternate" Ghostbusting vehicle. The Minor Apparitions Unit (The car's too small for normal or l... more
SaugusGB's Ecto Mobile
Ok well it took some doing but I found the car.It only needs a new windshield minor body and interio... more
hawaiiangb's Ecto Mobile
an homage to the ghostbusters. I put the trademark red stripe on my new Matrix. I also have casper ... more
mikeraines's Ecto Mobile
Here is basically another scrap job so we can have a car for our movie. Hope ya like it.... more
sfmstantz's Ecto Mobile
Martin "stantz" in a replica of Ecto 1 from Ohio was in Montreal in 1991... more
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