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busterofghosts's Proton Pack
Me and Adam(IV0 SHANDZ0R) built this pack for the pittsburgh comicon and it took us 5 weeks to build... more
joe's Proton Pack
WHOA! This is my third PP from GB Movies... It's beatiful and much detailed than the second... And i... more
MikeEcto's Proton Pack
High all, I do live action role playing and I always thoguth it would be cool to make a ghostbuster ... more
Spike's Proton Pack
This is my second attempt at a proton pack, again made from card and empty bottles/cans etc :) No... more
greensmax9's Proton Pack
Proton Pack is back Jack!... more
Kingpin's Proton Pack
Well, here is the current standing point of my Proton Pack, it's basically built out of foam and sti... more
Rog McDodge's Proton Pack
This baby was made out of junk from around the house. It's even got lights...... more
the Niner's Proton Pack
Ive been pretty happy with my GB props.. but after a while, the urge to prop gets you sooner or late... more
Ghostbuster88's Proton Pack
My Proton Pack is Made out of wood,plastic,metal, and cardboard. I made it in 2 months and the ribbo... more
guigneth's Proton Pack
this is my second proton pack (I built the first one fourteen years ago!!), it is made of wood, plas... more
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