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joe's Flightsuit

Built By: joe

A blue flightsuit from the real ghostbusters. Nice, I think!

User Ratings

Ecto47 - Mon Dec 30, 2002 4:24 AM PSD
eh. It could be better it could be worst.


gbandrew - Fri Dec 6, 2002 10:14 AM PSD
lose the front patch


stantzgirl1 - Mon Nov 4, 2002 7:30 AM PSD
it looks nothing like the real ghostbusters jumpsuits for one the collar and cuffs on the sleeves and legs were a different colour to the main body of the suit i.e grey body blue collar and cuffs where have you been


Zack - Fri Oct 25, 2002 5:05 PM PSD


Ash - Sun Sep 22, 2002 10:58 PM PSD
The color is decent, but the breast patch is just so out of place. the chest pockets should be at an angle too...

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