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Hi ghostheads

Ghostbusters 3
is going to be what sony didnt want you all to see

im tired of waiting and now its time to stop waiting and just run with it

Ghostbusters 3:overtime
WAS writen over the summer of 2002
and is base on my idea's and the gbsandegb
It tell the story on ho egon is still dealing with out his partners and how he trains a new team to stop the new ghost that threaten the city
now i now its sound too much like egb but its nothing like it once you see the movie due out
august 1st.

Ghostbusters 4: Finishin the job

Was writen january-march of 2003

This one takes place right after gb3

now when i was making gb3 overtime i said to myself and then later talked to the group why dont we make south park characters play the parts
it is a great colusion its fits perfect
Some people looked at in excitement others in disguist but it will grow on all of you.

Well thats all for now

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