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Email: [email protected]

Name: Genesis aka Ghstbstr_Gurl
Age: 17
Location: Queen Creek, AZ
Occupation: Currently working at Hot Topic
Hobby: Watch Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters kick serious ass!!!

So yeah I guess you are wondering what kind of person I really am, well please step into the dark carnival and go for a spin. I consider myself a gothic punk who really hates society to the bone. I'm about a 5'5" dark soul wearing spikes, chains, handcuffs and anything else that fits my mood. I've got black hair with red streaks right now and I am extremely tan, I look mexican lol. I usually always wear black and I'm addicted to neon colors such as neon green and purple. I love Ghostbusters, Bill and Ted, Beavis and Butthead, Jay and Silent Bob, John and Peter from Little Nicky and Ozzy Osbourne to death and I prove my allegiance to them on a daily basis but anywayz. I love horses and anything dark and sinister. I listen to heavy metal, death metal, hardcore punk and occasionally old school rock and roll. Actually listening to OZZY as we speak. My personality most people think I'm a psychotic maniac and the rest just part when I walk towards them. Intimidation is a weird tool. I like guys, they are cool and awesome to have as friends and the guys on here you know who you are. :) I've noticed myself becoming less tolerant to brainless humans, glad I'm not one. Also I'm noticing that I'm getting more fearless too. Fights start with me not even close to being involved and then I step in to defend whoever is in need. Bullies beware. I hate people and I mean hate people who make fun of others, it's wrong, dumb and completely pointless because sooner or later it's gonna roll back around and bite you in the butt. That's what I have to say about that. On my web site I'm going to start posting my poems and artwork so everyone can get to know me better. I need to go isolate myself with the people closest to me which includes a good four people from this site alone. But yeah I'm constantly haunted by 7 foot tall shadow leaders hellbent on terrorizing me for life, and no I'm not a schizo. I've been asked that way too many times. Enjoy psychotic madness? Give me a jingle in the year 2000.....uuhhh...what just kidding lol, just email me or take a look at the site and you can see what life is like on the Dark Side. muahahahaha!!!!

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