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Doc Ryedale's Bio: 
"We're on a mission from God!"
"Hey, do you believe in God? Well I do. Praise the Lord and pass the Particle Throwers! I love Jesus' style. . . "
Birthday: July 1, 1986 (Coincidentally the same birth date as Dan Aykroyd�s, and the same year of the premier of RGB.)
Has been a Ghosthead ever since: July, 1, 1986, because �I was BORN to wear this stuff.�
Ghostbusters Website(s) that everyone absolutely must see: They don�t just call them The Real Ghostbusters for no reason! Take a look at Take Two, Citizen Ghost, The Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline, THE GHOSTBUSTERS FACT LIST, and RGB Truly Canon with the Movies?, and you�ll see why!
Favorite Ghostbuster & Why: All of them. They�re a team. Each one of them is an equal and vital part of the Ghostbusters.
Favorite Ghostbusters Movie & Why: They�re both equal in my opinion.
Favorite Ghostbusters Movie Quote(s): All of them.
Favorite Ghostbusters Logo & Why: The original �No-Ghost� logo. I think that the original logo should have and always should be used, no matter what. I never cared for the GB II logo. It�s just confusing. It doesn't make any sense when you look at it. Everyone please take a good look at the original logo. Now that logo makes perfect sense when you look at it, and think "No-Ghost". Because that's what it is, a "No-Ghost" logo. They're Ghostbusters, not Ghost-Peace-makers! The original logo always has been, and always will be perfect. Now take a look at the GB II logo. That logo makes absolutely no sense at all, when you look at it. A Ghost behind a "No" sign, smiling with a leg sticking out, while holding up it's fingers, representing two or peace. This logo doesn't seem to have anything to do with a "No-Ghost" type of company (Ghostbusters, duh!). I mean, the Ghost is smiling, its leg is out, and it's holding up two fingers. What does that have to do with Ghostbusters? Nothing. It's confusing to look at them. Anyway, after GB II ended, The Ghostbusters reverted their logo back to the original logo, to prevent confusion, and because the original "No-Ghost" logo had become a World Wide recognized symbol. So that proves the theory that they only used the GB II logo temporarily, so that everyone would know that they were back in business. It was a "sign" that they were back. After they got lots of publicity, saved NY and the World from Vigo the Carpathian, and had their ceremony on Liberty Island they changed their logo back to the original �No-Ghost� logo. And they'll keep that original logo. . . Forever.
Favorite Ghostbusters Car & Why: The Ecto-1A. It�s cool. It really gets people�s attention, and it�s got waaaaaaay more equipment than the Ecto-1 had. In fact, I think its waaaaaaay better and cooler than the Ecto-1. Except for those GB II logos. They should have just kept the original �No-Ghost� logo. Luckily, after GB II ended, The Ghostbusters reverted their logo back to the original logo, to prevent confusion, and because the original "No-Ghost" logo had become a World Wide recognized symbol.
Favorite RGB Episode(s) & Why: Citizen Ghost, Take Two, and No One Comes To Lupusville. Citizen Ghost and Take Two show and tell us why The GB Movies and RGB are different. We also learn why they call them The Real Ghostbusters. And we learn from those two episodes that they are indeed The Real Ghostbusters, and that the movies were based on them, not the other way around. No One Comes To Lupusville is the first time we see Vampires and Werewolves, and we learn how the Ghostbusters eliminate them.
Favorite RGB Quote(s): All of the funny ones.
Favorite RGB Toy(s) & Why: All of the figures in the First Series (Dr. Egon Spengler, Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore. Even though I never got them, they were still the best ones.), because they were the ones that remained true to RGB, with their Jumpsuits and Proton Packs. Screaming Heroes Dr. Egon Spengler, because he came with a P.K.E. Meter, which was something everyone had always wanted for their RGB figures. Screaming Heroes Dr. Peter Venkman, because he came with a Ghost Trap, which was something else everyone had always wanted for their RGB figures. Slimed Heroes Dr. Raymond Stantz, because he came with a pair of Ecto-Goggles, which was something else everyone had always wanted for their RGB figures. Slimed Heroes Louis Tully, because you�ve got to have an Action Figure of The Ghostbusters� Accountant/Lawyer, Louis Tully, W/ A Proton Pack (Although it is indeed highly dangerous to let him handle that kind of equipment.). Power Pack Heroes Janine Melnitz, because you�ve got to have an Action Figure of The Ghostbusters� Secretary, Janine Melnitz, that can wear a Proton Pack (Although she didn�t come with one, you could always get her one.). The Ecto-1, the Ecto-2, and the Highway Haunter, because you�ve got to have some way for them to get around (I loved the Ecto-1A too, but it could and should have been more true to the movie, though). The Firehouse Headquarters, because you�ve got to have somewhere for them to live, work, and store all of the Paranormal Entities that they catch. Slimer (Even though I never got him.), because he�s their famous pet, and he�s an important part of the Ghostbusters (But they should�ve made him to scale with the Ghostbusters Action Figures.). Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, because he was 2nd most famous �Ghost�, and he was cool (It would�ve been cool if they had made him to scale, but I guess that wouldn�t have been very easy!). The Classic Movie Monsters Series (Dracula, Frankenstein, Quasimodo The Hunchback, The Mummy, The Wolfman, and The Zombie.), because they were the most famous Monsters of all time. They were pretty cool, too. And you�ve got to have some Monsters for the Ghostbusters to �Bust�. The Equipment (The Ecto-Goggles, the Ghost Trap, and the Proton Pack W/ the P.K.E. Meter & ID Card.), because with those, I became a Ghostbuster (Along with all those years of studying, too!)!
Ancestry & Genealogy of the Riddle Family: Our last name, �Riddle� was originally �Ryedale�, it means �valley where rye was grown�, and it originated in Scandinavia, where our ancestors, The Ryedale Vikings lived. The Riddle Family Coat of Arms contains Silver with a red chevron between three ears of wheat. The Crest is a greyhound. Our family motto is I hope to share. There are over 60 different variations of the spelling/pronunciation of our last name, and the ones that our ancestors had, that I know of so far, were Ryedale, Ridel, Riddell, and Riddle. The reason our surname�s spelling/pronunciation changed was because many people who lived back then were illiterate, and so they couldn�t read or write very well. Plus, our Ancestors moved around a lot, and lived in several different countries. There are MANY missing links in our family tree, and that is because records were kept in Churches and Courthouses, and many of them burned down, and so the records were destroyed. Our Family History begins sometime in the 700�s, when the Ryedale�s moved from Scandinavia to Normandy. In 804, one of our earliest known ancestors, Count Rorican Ridel, was born. He was the Count of Maine, Normandy. The Holy Roman Emperor appointed either Rorican Ridel�s Father, or his Grandfather Ridel, as a Bishop. In the mid 830�s Rorican Ridel married a Countess, and had a son named Wulgrinus Ridel. In 1066, one of their descendants, The Sieur de Ridel a.k.a. Monsieur Ridel came to England with William the Conqueror, where they invaded England in the Norman Conquest, and William took the throne, and became the first Norman King of England. King William granted Monsieur de Ridel lands in Northern England, as a gift for helping him in the battle. Sometime in the 1100�s, Monsieur de Ridel�s descendants moved to Roxburghshire, Scotland, where we�re descended from The Riddell Scottish Knights. In the mid 1630�s, our ancestors came to America from Roxburghshire, Scotland, and settled in Virginia. Since then, The Riddles have spread out all over the U.S.A..
"Back off, man, I'ma Genealogist!" For more information on your Family's Ancestry & Genealogy visit:
Behind the Name
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