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Day Joined: November 30, 2001 10:13 AM
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EMAIL:: [email protected]

Lord Vego(Pronounced Lord Vay*goh) the lesser known twin of Vigo, I am the one that took his kitten.

"For he is Vego! He has flies buzzing around him!"

Lord Vego is a character I created as my alias to comply with Ghostbusters 2's villain Lord Vigo von Homborg Deutschendorf. My alias' background story revolves around being the twin brother of Vigo. Call me a nerd, geek, or freak if you want. I consider myself as a Ghosthead! Any questions go to


Well let's see here! The name is Vincent Anthony Crapello, I am 15 years of age and will turn sixteen on June 24, 2004. I currently reside in Oak Ridge, New Jersey. My interests include Ghostbusters, music (mainly Punk, Rock, anything of that sort) I love to play video games, I read comics, weightlift, I play sports like hockey, soccer, wrestling, and I love, love LOVE girls. I hang out with my friends, go to my beach house about every weekend to work on it. I own a 1967 VW Beetle which I am going to restore when I get a bit of money. The girl I am almost with is named Lindsay, she is like the world to me, we just have to wait for her track season to be done so I could see her more. I am religious, my religion? I am Roman Catholic as I am from Italy. Where in Italy? Naples and Sardinia to be exact. I am only 5'4", short for my age, and I weigh 120 - 129 lbs. My look? Spiked black hair, tan tan skin, brown eyes, I don't mean to brag but I am carved enough to scare a lot of kids. I don't take crap from anyone, nor do I let anyone else. If I see someone making fun of someone else I will step in and break it up. I don't have too many friends, I get mad fun of a lot. I make up for that in carisma, charm and the fact that the friends I do have are the best friends anyone could have. I own two websites: The von Homborg Deutschendorf Family Webpage
Ghostbusters: Ecto Force where I am a member of the team. I am friends with quite a few on this board but enemies to others.
I write fan fictions: A Dream Reality, The Recurring Nightmare and The New Years New Threat are the ones I have so far

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