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Day Joined: August 17, 2001 05:04 PM
Last Login: January 07, 2004 10:21 AM
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Email: [email protected]
AOL IM: Kingpin1055
MSN IM: Kingpin

Kingpin's Bio: 
Kingpin here, well I guess you're wondering what I do, if not then what are you doing in my profile?!?
Anyway...I've been on this board for about a year and I still love it, I believe I'm a man of many talents:
If you go to the "Fanfiction" section of this profile you will see my current "published" stories, I'm a big fan of Fanfiction so the stuff there is no where near all of the stuff I've written, I've almost always got a story on the go so check back often, either here or on the Fanfiction page. My current project is my Fanfiction series Ghostbusters: legacy, to avoid spoiling it for anybody who hasn't read it yet, i won't be saying anythine else about it! :P
I am also the writer for Ghostbusters Nightsquad.
I also enjoy drawing, you can see some of my work up on River_of_slime's art webpage.
You have probably heard of my involvement with a series of Ghostbusters objects and skins for the Maxis game, The Sims.
This is a project that I am less then happy with, the reason because in it's earlier stages I used to get several emails a week asking about them, if you've seen my signature then you'll understand. These will possibly become avaiable when GBN version 2.0 opens.
Among my intrests are:
Resident Evil
and lots more...
I am also involved in several different ventures ranging from fanfiction work for franchises or artwork for franchises, so if you IM me then I aplogise if I seem grumpy.
Well, what else can I say really? I guess for now this is all that can go into my profile, however I'm planning on adding more stuff in the future. Until then...

I've got to sign off now, I'll cya tomorrow!
(remember, there's no 'the' in my name!) :)

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