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Kingpin's Miscellaneous
Here's the ground floor (1st) of the Firehouse, with most of the furniture placed. Keep watching fo... more
mb980480's Miscellaneous
Download this "Ghost Sniffer" plan for a full description. You won't get a Bacharach Sniffer 300 whe... more
GhostbustersMAU's Miscellaneous
I can never find a really good, high-resolution version of this graphic, so I made one. This is a... more
Peter Kong's Miscellaneous
This plan is for the Ghost Sniffer that Dr. Venkman used in the scene where he analyzed Dana's apart... more
ziggy's Miscellaneous
these are plans to make the belt pouch for the uniform! it took me a long time--but i finally got th... more
Mr. Pecker's Miscellaneous
Here is a Ghostbuster Logo Pumpkin Template I made Note: Orange/Black areas will be cut out (and ... more
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