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DontCrosStreams's Proton Pack
This is a great replacement for the clippard valve, ive seen them on websites that run from 30-40 do... more
DontCrosStreams's Proton Pack
This procedure discribes how to connect your crank generator and gear box instead of using one block... more
DontCrosStreams's Proton Pack
I know alot of you ghosthead prop creators are having a hard time finding a good cyclotron band. I k... more
samuraijackGB's Proton Pack
This is a better shoping list. It will have more stuff when it is updated.... more
The Proton Pack's Proton Pack
The first complete EGB proton pack plans!... more
Paranorman's Proton Pack
Zip 2 of the Y2K Proton Pack plans includes a BONUS page Ecto-Goggle references!... more
Paranorman's Proton Pack
My reader friendly "Y2K" Proton Packs plans. If you have a HomeDepot and a Radio Shack near ya, tha... more
Rick's Proton Pack
Top view of proton pack.... more
Rick's Proton Pack
Crank generator & gear box.... more
Rick's Proton Pack
Booster tube & base box.... more
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