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Alaskan Division - Ghostbusters Inc
Webmaster: Jessie
Re-vamped ghostbuster franchise site!... more
Bakersfield Ghostbusters
Webmaster: Cameron Apple and Steve Kelly
Ghost Busting california style... more
British Ghostbusters
Webmaster: Key master
The first ever British Ghostbusters site.... more
Central Maryland Ghostbusters
Webmaster: Patrick Klinedinst(design), William Ketchum(Owner)
The Central Maryland Ghostbusters in a non profit organization that investigates and sometimes elimi... more
CrossTheStreams: Home of The Manalapan Ghostbusters
Webmaster: Justin Friedman (DOCMCFLY) is the official home of the ghostbusting franchise known as The Manalapan Ghostb... more
East Tennesse Ghostbusters
Webmaster: Dr. Hayes
We have the stuff of a ghostbusters franchase from are work as the East Tennessee Ghostbusters to th... more
East Tennessee Ghostbusters: Bustin Ghosts Shotgun Style
Webmaster: Andy Harness and Josh Goben
The only franchise operation east of Nashville! Dr. Harness along with Dr. Goben, and Bill have been... more
Foothills Ghostbusters
Webmaster: Matt Dula
This site is for the newest franchise,Foothills Ghostbusters. It has an equipment page, ordering inf... more
Webmaster: Beck Arledge
This is a new site for the first (as i know of) Ghostbuster Franchise in South Carolina. So check it... more
Ghostbusters Indiana
Webmaster: Matthew Sturm
The SECOND Ghostbusters franchise on the internet is back and better than ever! Fan Fics come to li... more
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