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A Site About Props
Webmaster: Mara Jades Father
The largest Ghostbusters Prop Message board around. So many discoveries and development has gone on ... more
AT�MIC Backpack Replica Parts
Webmaster: Ken Huegel (Volguus)
Replica Parts for Pack Props, including: Cyclotron, N-Filter, Bumper, HGA, Booster Frame & more, wit... more
East Tennessee Ghostbusters
Webmaster: Hank and Johnny
This site is about the movies, cartoons, as well as the East Tennessee Ghostbusters located in the h... more
East TN Props
Webmaster: Jordan Potts
Are you building your proton pack from wood? If so this site has small tutorials that may be able to... more
East TN Props
Webmaster: Jordan Potts
We build proton packs from the finest material on Earth, Wood. Check out Progress pics and learn how... more
Ghostbusters by: Proton_User
Webmaster: Proton_User
has downloads,ringtones,music,reviews and much more... please visit... more
Ghostbusters Paradise
Webmaster: Edimasta
The new Fansite where you can find detailed and resumed Informations, very good Pics and Props and a... more
Ghostbusters Prop Archive
Webmaster: AJ Quick
A great place to go for Ghostbusters props. It has over 70 Planet Hollywood pics and it is getting b... more
Ghostbusters: the website
Webmaster: Matt Dula
This site is kind of a sister site to However the layout isnt as great as ... more
Ghostbusting: Online
Webmaster: Benjamin "Dr. V" Otto
For those who are tired of feeling helpless... for those who are ready to take a stand against the s... more
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