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UK Patches
Written By: Rog McDodge
A good place to get patches if you based in the UK is at ... more
Ghostbuster Uniforms and accessories
Written By: [email protected]
You can visit there are a selection of complete co... more
Attaching the hose
Written By: Kingpin
Have you had trouble trying to attach the hose to the trouser leg of the fligtsuit? Well you could ... more
Dark Grey Flightsuits
Written By: ecto-3
I've seen this link posted here and there I thought I would go ahead and do everyone a favor. Flight... more
Uniform supply list
Written By: ecto-3
I've just gathered some information and links about all the items you need. I've tried to include as... more
Ghost Busters Movie Patch
Written By: SecurPC
I found a Good Place to Order you Ghost Busters Movie Patch to Complete you Replica Costume. Here... more
Cheap and Easy Uniform
Written By: london
The uniform is very very simple. So, here's a list of WHAT YOU NEED: 1. A flight suit 2. White,... more
GB Tai Mai Shu's EXPERT Opinion
Written By: GB Tai Mai Shu
For your flightsuits, boots, and belts demands, there's Cheap and good stu... more
Note on Hoze on suit
If you are building a GB1 or Gb2 suit note that in GB1 the hoze is yellow however in GB2 its clear.... more
Finding the suit and other materials
Written By: wingsnut25 go to flight suites they run about 35 bucks... I would also order a ... more
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