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How to make cheap slime
Written By: OptimusPrimeGB
Go down to a local dollar store and buy either clear hair gel or antibacterial soap. Choose whateve... more
Yet another Slime-like substance
Written By: Mat
"Water Gel". You can find it in first aid kits or stores that deal in medical supplies. it comes i... more
Where to buy supplies in Midwest or Online
Written By: JyPsy
For supplies for ANY prop project in the wisconsin area, go to There is one near my... more
The Black Coiled wire.
Written By: Some_Guy
If you have trouble getting a coiled black wire for the weird Black belt thing, here's what I did: ... more
Written By: 9sam1
Ok well i no how to get slime for like 4 dollars it looks like the Slime in GB2 i just used a bottle... more
Heat Gun / Paint Stripper
Written By: flynn
For bending styrene plastic sign pieces into shape Paranorman suggests using a candle to heat the pl... more
Written By: Ghostbuster505
To ask my date to prom I dressed like a GB and made a tape with the theme song that played about 10 ... more
Perfect Slime/Ectoplasm
Written By: borzou99
Ok, here are plans for the perfect slime/ectoplasm. Materials: 1. Polyvinyl alchohol (ask your c... more
Written By: borzou99
We learned how to make slime in chemistry, and I though it looked pretty cool, so let me share the i... more
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