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Bumper and Radiator Grille for Ecto models
Written By: Kingpin
It seems that most people leave these bumpers unpainted because they might seem realistic. This isn... more
Ecto 1 Lights...........
Written By: StayinPuft
While on the net today I found a grrreeat site for old sirens and lights and found just about every ... more
Written By: Bassnotbass2005
Of course the ectomobile in the movies was a 1959 Cadillac Ambulance. No need to panic! These are ve... more
More authentic looking Ecto model tires
Written By: Kingpin
My brother actually came up with this, wear down the top layer of the tyre using a file, this will c... more
Ecto Lights::: Code 3 Force 4 XL $150
Written By: GB_DAN
I found this site while I was browsing around. I'm not sure how many of these lights would be availa... more
Lightbars,control panels, and accesories for the Ecto-1
Written By: ecto-3
I've found that sells equipment for law enforcement and other protective branches, even th... more
Cheap and Easy Ecto Mobile
Written By: london
You need a somewhat old car/van. If you want it to look like Ecto-1, go for a white station wagon o... more
Ecto-1/1a Lighting Tips
Written By: TheEcto1a
The 2 Bar lights on the Ecto-1 were Code 3 Force 4 XL 54" bars. Normal Squad car sized bars will no... more
Barlights for the Ecto-1
Written By: AutobotProwlGB
The best place to buy barlights is out the law enforcement magazine "Galls". They are expensive but ... more
Ecto-1/1A Lights/LED
Written By: ghostkid
A very good place to get rotating lights or,rotating lightbars is a company called Star Warning Syst... more
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