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Written By: wakman
Since LED's can add up to be rather expensive, a nice alternative is using Christmas lights. Take a... more
Cyclotron Band
Written By: DontCrosStreams
Instead of looking for a metal bumper wich is hard to find and expensive just use a hotwheels track ... more
Gear Box and Generator
Written By: DontCrosStreams
Theres a better way to make the gear box and generator, rather than cutting one piece of wood all sc... more
paint guide
Written By: protonman
if you have a styrene pack and you wanna spray it, cover it with glue! otherwise the styrene will va... more
Written By: weasel
Here's a link to a site you can find all those radio shack-type parts. ... more
Proton_Pack thickness
Written By: Ecto-1Archie
Ok I know on Norms plans (which are great) your suppose to use a 1/4\" thick peice of plywood for th... more
The Best Prop Info You Will Ever Recieve...
Written By: Ectoman
...cannot be found at But at other prop sites, such as the Ghostbusters Prop Archi... more
Cyclotron lights
Written By: ProtonDefender
OK, this is a real cheap and easy way to get cyclotron lights if you are in a rush but still/don't h... more
Proton Pack lights
Written By: J.C
O.K. This may not be very helpful, but it should give you a good idea. I'am currently taki... more
Need Help?
Written By: Brendan_M
When building a proton pack, ask for help....or else, or else what? Exactly!... more
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