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Bumper and Radiator Grille for Ecto models

Tip For: Ecto Mobile
Written By: Kingpin

It seems that most people leave these bumpers unpainted because they might seem realistic. This isn't true, the extra shinyness makes the bumpers look almost tacky. My advice? first paint the bumper and front radiator grille black. The reason for this is so that the gaps in between the grille will appear black like on the real Ecto's. Once this is do and dried, paint the headlights, taillights and small fog lights in the front bumper, you don't ave to be too carful as long as the paint doesn't stray onto the main part of the grille. Now here's the tricky part, get yourself a dull grey or silver paint (trust me, it'll look more realistic) and carefully paint the bumpers and grille (make sure when painting the grille that you only paint the small cross beams) Once the painting has been finished, let it dry. Once the paint hs dried you should have bumpers and front grille that look more realistic. This will differe slightly with the ERTL GB2 Ecto-1A kit that has a red rear tailgate, however painting it silver and then red might work. It all depends, this tip can also be used for the cowel lights, lightbars, whip antannea and rear directional flashers, however I won't be using this tip on my Ecto-1A because I've already painted the lightbars, but I will be using it on my Polar Lights Ecto-1.

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GhostBustersIV - Sun Feb 23, 2003 4:43 AM PSD
It's ok.

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