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Sure, they saved the city and everyone in it, but that doesn't mean it pays the bills.

The boys in grey have run out of ghosts to bust and are forced to find other ways to make a living. Ray now runs an occult bookstore while making extra cash with Winston by making appearences at birthday parties for children who don't even know who they are. Egon, always the academic, has returned to research, this time in the private sector (you know, the people who expect results). And trying to remain a media darling, Peter hosts a goofy local television show on the supernatural.

However Dana finds herself in trouble once more. Her infant son Oscar is the target of Vigo, a malevolent, medieval, Carpathian wizard who wants to live again. With the child's body, the help of possessed museum curator Janosz Poha, and the bad karma generated by millions of cranky New Yorkers, Vigo the Carpathian is out to take over the world.

Soon everything is as we remember it. The guys are back in their jumpsuits, blasting the heck out of everything, and driving like maniacs. And this time the city even pays them.

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