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In June of 1984 Ghostbusters surprised everyone, breaking box-office sales that until then had been dominated by science-fiction spectaculars such as E.T. and Star Wars.

The premise for the movie was simple. Three doctors of parapsychology, Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, and Ray Stantz, have their research grant taken away and are evicted from their offices at Columbia University.

However, they have gathered enough information about the things that go bump in the night to go into business busting ghosts. And it doesn't take long till they're busy.

The East coast is in spectral turmoil, and the source is an ancient Sumerian deity, Gozer, the Gozerian. Gozer the Destructor is returning to earth and bringing the dead back with it.

With their proton packs and a helping hand from the fourth Ghostbuster, everyman Winston Zeddemore, the boys in grey clean up the town.

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