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222 GB Crossover Fan Fictions
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Be My Victim (Part 2)
Written By: egb fan
"That's got to be all the elevators in the place," Garrett decided. "They're all busted." "So wh... more
Sentenced to Death: GB/Night Court Crossover: PART ONE
Written By: PF4Eva
Based on the Night Court episodes "Danny's Got His Gun" (Parts 1-3) (Episodes 101-103), Written b... more
GB:Elmstreet Part 5
Written By: gbandrew
GB: Elm Street Part 5 Winston was almost wandering aimlessly as if he didnít care, to tell you... more
"Mitocon-undrum": Day 1 (Parasite Eve)
Written By: Vincent Belmont
Oh jeez...where do I start? I'm not really that good at this. Well, I guess I should start from th' ... more
Ghostbusters Chicago Division-Part 1:Chapter 2
Written By: tubaman21
Chapter 2 After 45 minutes of moving inch by inch towards Chicago, the traffic cleared up and th... more
Be My Victim (Part 1)
Written By: egb fan
A/N: This story is a crossover between Extreme Ghostbusters and the "Candyman" movie trilogy. * *... more
The Simpson's Freezer Ghost
Written By: RGBPrincessKat
Note: This is a Simpsonís RGB crossover. Rated PG. It was a sunny day in Springfield. Homer Simpson... more
Ghostbusters U.K.-Going Into Business
Written By: Sinister
Peter Venkman opened the door to the fridge, it was four-thirty in the morning, and he hadnít slept ... more
Mamba - The Early Years (Prologue)
Written By: peter bo
Hey there, my name's Mamba. The story of my life is a long one, and most of it has been kept secr... more
Mainge Private Eye?
Written By: Proton_User
It was a cold crisp night and a fog was settling on the streets of Manhattan, when my work phone rin... more
Pages (23): « 5 6 7 8 9 [10] 11 12 13 14 » 
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