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Ghostbusters 3: judgment day
Written By: jewy
this is just for fun right now but im really working on a gb3 story. the camera opens with a ... more
The Return of the Ring- A Real Ghostbusters/Lord of the Rings Crossover
Written By: Venkman1
Note: I know that not all of the facts in this are correct, like the ending I added something else ... more
Frozen Hell Part 1
Written By: jawsy
Im kind of new at this but here goes. They say New York is the greatest city in the world. And th... more
The Real Ghostbusters: Full Circle - Prologue
Written By: NeoMyers
Emergency vehicles gathered together at the corner of a quiet residential street in Queens, ... more
Vampire Vincent Ch. # 1
Written By: kyleogb1983
" It was a dark and stormy night, a fearless vampire called, Vampire Vincent was running lose in ... more
HalloweeN: Extreme Evil--Part 4
Written By: Dr. Loomis
I have looked into the flames. The future is clearer to me than it has ever been! He looked around... more
Ghostbusters U.K/NOMAD- The War That Shook the World... (Part 1)
Written By: Sinister
Iain Bennett sipped his drink, staring out into the horizon; a light wind blew through his hair, sen... more
GB: Elm Street Part 7
Written By: gbandrew
GB: Elm Street Part 7 This was indeed going to be the last stand it all ended here. The Ghostbus... more
Beyond Judgment Day!!! Pt 1
Written By: suvarna_rohit
A crossover between the Ghostbusters and the Terminator, this is my first fanfic. I want u guys to r... more
GB: Elm Street part 6
Written By: gbandrew
GB: Elm Street Part 6 Ray stared with sheer rage at Freddy. This punk thought this was a game. T... more
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