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CRUSADERS Pt 4: Evil's Disease Spreads...
Written By: Sinister
Rose roared, her beauty lost in a sea of unholy ferocity, and she pulled her mouth close to my neck,... more
Vampire Vincent Ch. # 2
Written By: kyleogb1983
Egon and Drace were about to check on the M.S.U.D. patients , until a scizhophenic patient started y... more
New Canadian Ghostbusters - 1x01 - Initium
Written By: Jay_Tigran
Fade from black. A mall, the remnants of some kind of goo covers the walls. Around the mall, people... more
Let's make a mess out of both Ghostbusters Part 2
Written By: dontforgetbttf1
~Greetings. This is dontforgetbttf1. I'm sure you've been awaiting the next thrilling chapter in the... more
GBUK/NOMAD: The war that shook the world... (Part 2, Conclusion)
Written By: Sinister
Iain opened his eyes slowly, it was very dark and he could make out very little of his surroundings…... more
Ghostbusters N.O.M.A.D- Insanity
Written By: Scoleri_guy
NOTE--Chapters 1-4 and story concept were written by Ron Daniels,aka JESUSFREAK, Chapters 5-8 were w... more
Let's make a mess out of both Ghostbusters Part 1
Written By: dontforgetbttf1
My original story got deleted somehow, so I guess I gotta start over. Anyhoo, just like before, this... more
Ghostbusters:J.A.W.S squad (chapter 2) Firehouse meeting
Written By: jawsy
It was a complete and utter warzone inside. Candy wrappers, potato chips, and of course, twinkies we... more
Ghostbusters: The J.A.W.S Squad (chapter 1) The invite
Written By: jawsy
Andrew stood outside the old crumbling Firehouse the Ghostbusters called home. It was one of those s... more
The New Recruits
Written By: egon_stantz1234
Writer’s Note: I know that this isn’t exactly Ghostbusters, but you will see familiar faces such as ... more
Pages (23): « 2 3 4 5 6 [7] 8 9 10 11 » 
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