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Ghostbusters meets South Park
Written By: EgonsBabe
Disclaimer: This story is meant to amuse and entertain, and is no way intended to offend anyone. Rat... more
Blues Brothers/Ghostbusters Crossover-Part 3
Written By: Ema
Peter pulled up outside a hotel. “Elwood, you come with me.” Ray said as he got out of the Ecto-1A.... more
The Ultimate Ghostbusters: Splitting Headaches
Written By: byronghost05
+Note to readers, please read part1 (Booron High School), part 2 (A Member Leaves A Couple of Memb... more
GB VS Predator pt 3(of 4)
Written By: Lion-O
Dutch Schaefer walked back and forward inside the Old firehouse. Ray was sitting with his face i... more
GB VS Predator pt 2 (of 4)
Written By: Lion-O
Winston stood at the window of the Old Firehouse and looked at New York, he turned around, went over... more
Blues Brothers/Ghostbusters Crossover-Part 2
Written By: Ema
Ray pulled into the firehouse followed by Elwood in his car. They all got out. Janine walked over to... more
Blues Brothers/Ghostbusters Crossover-Part 1
Written By: Ema
“Ray? Do you have any idea where we are?” Peter asked. Peter and Ray were in the Ecto-1A. They had ... more
Ultimate Ghostbusters: Breaking The Law
Written By: byronghost05
“Hey Tim, you ready to wear your new ghostbuster suit?” asked Doug Meyer. “Of course I am Doug” s... more
GHOST DWARF - Prologue: The Final Hour Of Arnold Judas Rimmer
Written By: peter bo
“Arnold Judas Rimmer. Your life is over.” Death said, standing over Rimmer, “Come with me. We will t... more
The Ghostbusters and Repair Man Skit
Written By: Peter Kong
/i/i FADE IN INT.... more
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