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Slimed! (A parody of you spin me round like a record by dead or alive)
Written By: DR.V
Venkman, I hear you call my name So I, I rush to your rescue, Venky Jesus Venkman what a crime ... more
Conspiracy Theory: The Return Of Doctor Jonas
Written By: sweet_kat22
Part two of Conspiracy Theory Egon and Ray were in the lab working on a new experiment. Slimer flew... more
Conspiracy Theory: Part 1
Written By: sweet_kat22
The sun shone through the bunkroom window. Ray shook Peter's shoulder. Peter moaned and rolled ove... more
The Best Pirate I know
Written By: sweet_kat22
This is a RGB Pirate's Of The Caribbean crossover.I know I got one of the pirates name wrong I was t... more
GBWC: Stevens Go Smash ?
Written By: kyleogb1983
GBWC- Stevens go Smash ? Somewhere..... "Hobnail, the Hobgoblin, I have summonded y... more
Ghostbusters West Coast: Opening Night, Part Two
Written By: Veedramon

From the files of Fritz V. Baugh, Official Historian

with plot assistance from the entire GB... more

Ghostbusters at WWE Wrestlemania XX, Part One
Written By: Deathlord
[Hey I'm new so please don't be too much of a critic when reviewing this ok] Vince McMahon: Hey, ... more
Written By: Lion-O
Dutch walked into the church and wafted the dust out of his face with his right hand. As he was goin... more
Lost In New York
Written By: RGBPrincessKat
Note; this is a RGB Simpsonís crossover. Some of this story may not be accurate but thatís what make... more
Ghostbusters N.O.M.A.D: House Sitter
Written By: Agent D
April 2003 It was mid-morning and Dan Evans was still asleep. He was very exhausted from the long... more
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