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114 Real Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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Sword of Ruth Part 1
Written By: andophiroxia
�There�that�s it�.� A pair of tweezers gently eased the electrode carefully into a puddle of�purp... more
Misunderstood; Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command RGB Crossover
Written By: RGBPrincessKat
A regular day at Star Command, everyone was working hard and out on missions. Team Lightyear sat in ... more
Catching Mord-Jax (Part 1)
Written By: Big_Daddy1975
�No, no, NO, and that�s final! Egon�s tone was terse as he vehemently shook his head. �But Egon, ... more
Memoirs of Mr. Puft
Written By: bigpapi428
what a revolting development this has become. Me! once one of the famous hollywood monsters, no... more
Ghostbusters: Aftermath of the Apocalypse
Written By: Kingpin
This is a sorta RGB/GB3 fanfic. Chapter One The sky was a dark yellow-orange colour, it looked... more
Twister: The Next Generation Part 1
Written By: Twister
Peter stared at the bandana hanging on the wall above his bed. �What�d I�d give to have Twister ba... more
Black Day at the Firehouse Part One - Calm before the storm
Written By: Kingpin
**Disclaimer** This story is fictional though the event that features as it's backdrop is true, the... more
Winston's Lazy Day
Written By: Dr. Spengler
In an old firehouse in a fold-out chair next to a souped-up '59 Cadillac Ambulance on what must have... more
Valley of Slaughter
Written By: oracalG
It all began in a small town known as Rudden. Out of place and out of mind, the unknown people were... more
Peter Venkman, in Hell #1
Written By: awhitefire
Damned if I Know An alternate universe RGB horror story By Adam Whitefire 1992 CE Peter V... more
Pages (12): « 3 4 5 6 7 8 [9] 10 11 12 » 
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