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114 Real Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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Silent Fright Pt4 - The Depth of Insanity
Written By: Kingpin
Chapter Ten 6:03PM Peter leaned back in the chair and yawned. "We're not getting anywhere, ... more
Silent Fright Pt3 - An Icebound City
Written By: Kingpin
Chapter Seven 4:55PM Stage three was performed and done, he now needed the ingredients to perfor... more
Silent Fright Pt2 - The Storm's Wrath
Written By: Kingpin
Chapter Four 9:53PM He had a good hand. Two 3s, One 10 and four 5s. Winston sighed. "Well W... more
Silent Fright Pt1-A Storm is Brewing
Written By: Kingpin
This Fanfic is dedicated to those who read the first version but weren't able to read the ending, ta... more
Haunting Memories
Written By: Twister
The EMTs carried her out of the building kicking and screaming as the Ghostbusters stood over at th... more
Twister: The Next Generation Part 3
Written By: Twister
A loud crash was heard in the plane. �What the hell?� asked Peter. Ray looked out the window. �We�... more
The Return: Chapter 2
Written By: SuperEgonFan14
Egon didn't return to his desk. Instead he continued to walk until he nearly hit one of the brass po... more
Twister: The Next Generation Part 2
Written By: Twister
�And this is the pool,� said the tall man. He wore a blue uniform with the words �Otce Hotel� writ... more
The Closet Door Pt 1
Written By: boogie138
The night was quite. Chris sat on the edge of his bed listening to the birds and other sounds ou... more
The Blade of Insanity
Written By: Twister
He spun around and fell to the ground. The room around him started spinning. He felt sick to his s... more
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