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114 Real Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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Home On The Range
Written By: Texasgb
It is a normal day at the firehouse. Peter is sitting at his desk drinking some coffee and eating do... more
Loose Ends
Written By: andophiroxia
She�s been good to me And she deserves better than that When my hands are tied And my heart�s ... more
Ghostbusters: Legacy - The Begining
Written By: Kingpin
Over the many generations that the human species has spanned, there have been heroes: Saint George ... more
The Insane Live On
Written By: Twister
Why are some of us labeled insane? What is insane? Is it the amount of fear that haunts us everyda... more
Ifrit--Be Mine?
Written By: andophiroxia
�Happy Valentine�s Day, Janine.� �Oh Egon, for me?� She smiled coyly at him. Egon blushed and ... more
The Real Ghostbusters Outtakes
Written By: Kingpin
Alright, this is out of my regular field of expertese in Fanfiction so if it gets silly (which it'll... more
The Sword of Ruth Pt. 3- Crossroads and Intersections.
Written By: andophiroxia
PROLOGUE Fall 1987 I�m taking a look into my chemistry homework. I like to finish most of my h... more
The Sword of Ruth Pt. 2-Fifteen
Written By: andophiroxia
Summer 1987 My toes are wet. The creek beside my uncle�s house is cold and fresh. I see the lit... more
Silent Fright Pt6 - Storm of the Century
Written By: Kingpin
Chapter Sixteen "Hey! the roof's lit up!" Peter shouted over the storm, the Ghostbusters looked... more
Silent Fright Pt5 - Shattered Souls
Written By: Kingpin
Chapter Thirteen The elevator reached the floor and he stepped out. The place was abandoned, lik... more
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