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114 Real Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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The Ghost Inside Winston - Part Three
Written By: peter bo
The three Ghostbusters fire, and three ion beams begin their journey towards Winston. Just when it l... more
The Ghost Inside Winston - Part Two
Written By: peter bo
Back at the firehouse, Janine is cleaning up some of Slimer�s mess while the slimy thing hovers abov... more
An Unexpected Love on an Unexpected Holiday
Written By: rgbgirl88
Janine sat at her plain looking desk, writing up bills that Doctor Venkman lazily told her to make.... more
A State of Mind
Written By: Twister
Another crash was heard�. this was getting really annoying. He walked down the hallway to find ano... more
Jurassic Central Park
Written By: Wayne W.
An early morning in the firehouse.* Peter: *Yawn* oh god I'm tired. We've been getting calls day ... more
The Ghost Inside Winston - Part One
Written By: peter bo
A young man and a young woman are sitting next to each other on a park bench. They are holding each ... more
Ghostbusters: Distruction
Written By: SpecterHarness
There are references to people and/or places in my story in *word*. I hope Agent D and you like my f... more
To grow or not to grow?
Written By: Peter Venkmen
New York City better known as the big apple. Some people don't like it much and some do. New York is... more
Tough day on the job: Part 1
Written By: 9sam1
One day Ray Stantz of the Ghostbusters was sitting in the firehouse alone (the guys had gone vacatio... more
Written By: tibor_goodwin
A/N: Hi all. I am pretty big on fanfic, so I decided to do a Ghostbusters one. Hope you like! ... more
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