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114 Real Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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Written By: peter bo
�Look out below!� yells Peter Venkman, from the top of the firepole. �You do know that we�re only... more
Memory Schemory! - Special Extended Version
Written By: peter bo
"Hey there, this is my prefered version of Memory Schemory! There's a few new scenes, added dialogue... more
The Ghost Inside Winston - Part Four (The Final Part)
Written By: peter bo
Peter looks up to see Ray standing in front of him holding his proton gun. He holds out his hand to ... more
Memory Schemory!
Written By: peter bo
Peter woke up rather startled. Straight in front of him stood Ray. "What's going on here?" Peter as... more
The True Meaning Of Christmas
Written By: RGBPrincessKat
By: Kat We all got into Ecto. I was going to drive. Ray was next to me and Egon and Winston were ... more
The Blade of Insanity 2
Written By: Twister
If any of you out there thought that little girl disappeared, you are deadly mistaken. The Ghostbus... more
Written By: andophiroxia
New York City. For a City that Never Sleeps, it was merely resting. Like motes of electricity, the m... more
Coast Busters
Written By: Wayne W.
"And with winds up to 65 miles an hour, the East coast has been rocked by this storm. Now, before ... more
DJ Dr. Noodle
Written By: andophiroxia
�Nicole?� Janine hesitantly tapped the tall woman on the shoulder. Nicole turned and smiled, and ... more
Ghostbusters Prime: Orignis
Written By: Penguin King
Ghostbusters Prime: Origins By: The Penguin King I have it every night. The dream, it�s alwa... more
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