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114 Real Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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Carry Me Home-Part 1
Written By: mrshowtime3740
The Date: July 11, 1980 The Place: Barbados The Time: 11: 24 p.m. It has been almost exactly... more
Alone and Nameless
Written By: Twister
This place is desolate, eerie. My mind is spinning and I don�t know where I am, I only know that I... more
something in the subways part 2
Written By: alanholt22
which really wasn't an ambulance but rather an old cadillac that was used as a hearse but now sat re... more
Something in the subways(The beginning)
Written By: alanholt22
On a bright and sunny day in new yourk things were happening. Birds chirped,flowers bloomed,peo... more
Ghostbusters Prime: Night Gremlins
Written By: Penguin King
Midnight off campus in Madison, the sky is filled with stars. The constellation of Orion is dominat... more
Fateful Encounter
Written By: Veedramon
(A bit Mort Weisinger-esque, I know, and maybe thus a little cutesy for some. Inspired by a scene e... more
"Ghostbusters Prime: Book Two"
Written By: Penguin King
FOUR WEEKS LATER..... 6:00 PM Crazy Mr. Tibbs used car dealership on Johnson St. sunny day in mi... more
Written By: peter bo
�FIRE!� yells Peter Venkman. The six Ghostbusters press down on the triggers on their proton guns... more
Ghostbusters:Helbent Part 1
Written By: GB Freak
TITLE FADES IN: 14 YEARS LATER INT. CHURCH-DAY The camera is at the back of the church and ... more
Ghostbusters: Legacy - Monolith of Shadow
Written By: Kingpin
People become heroes by great acts, all human beings possess this power, but there are only a few wh... more
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