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114 Real Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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Chocolate Hearts
Written By: clareblues
Rated PG13+. A short �ramble� based on Marie G�s drawing, which is based on another fic!! Chocol... more
Ghostly Attraction - Part 2
Written By: clareblues
GHOSTLY ATTRACTION � PART 2 [Rated �PG� by CJ. Note: This story is only �based� on the Real Ghos... more
Ghostly Attraction
Written By: clareblues
Ghostly Attraction [Rated �PG� by CJ. Note: This story is only �based� on the Real Ghostbusters ... more
Invasion of the Danish Snatcher, Part One
Written By: Veedramon
Chronolgy: Omnibus Timeline Year Nine; subsequent to "Terror On The Jersey Turnpike" Prelude: Be... more
Foiled Again
Written By: clareblues
[Rated PG. This story bears only a passing resemblance to the storylines of the �real thing�. The ... more
Carry Me Home-Part 2
Written By: mrshowtime3740
The Date: July 10, 2003 The Place: Barbados The Time: 10:50 p.m. �Please, don�t shoot me�, sa... more
Sleeping Spell Of Death
Written By: RGBPrincessKat
Easter eve and Ray was decorating the firehouse with fake grass and eggs. He ran upstairs and put eg... more
Written By: peter bo
Iain Bennett sits on his bed, staring up at all the newspaper cuttings on his bedroom wall. Many of ... more
Ghostbusters:Buck Town
Written By: ghostbuster2005
On a dark and cold night, a young boy was sitting at home watching tv and having a little cheese w... more
Terror on the Jersey Turnpike
Written By: Veedramon
New Jersey Turnpike, Rush Hour Jeff Dirkman cursed to himself as the traffic backup seemed to ... more
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