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A Boy Named Ray---Chapter 2
Written By: C.J.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thanks goes out to Fritz Baugh for his necessary input during a time when I needed he... more
Buried Memories
Written By: EgonsBabe
It was a pretty quiet day at GBHQ. Janine was sitting at her desk, filing her nails(again), and Clar... more
The Letter
Written By: RayofSunshine
Originally posted on RGBfanfic, thought I'd put it here.... The Letter by Audrey Lynne ... more
Frame up part 1
Written By: raysweetie
Title: Frame-Up 1/12 Author: Susan Owens Beta read and suggestions by: LN Rated : PG13 ... more
The Rebirth of Ray
Written By: raysweetie
Title: The Rebirth of Ray Author: Susan Owens Disclaimer: I do not own The Real Ghostbusters ... more
A Boy Named Ray--Chapter 1
Written By: C.J.
Authors Note: This story would not have been possible without Fritz Baugh’s incredible timeline, the... more
Mirror, Mirror.
Written By: EgonsBabe
It started out just like any other day for Coast Guard workers Rick Bartel and Dean Carby. They were... more
Ghostbusters Meets South Park 2
Written By: EgonsBabe
(Disclaimer: This story is based on the South Park episode, “Tom’s Rhinoplasty”. If you have seen th... more
Future Shocks, Part Three
Written By: Veedramon
Previously The Ghostbusters of the future have come to the mid 1980's in an attempt to save ... more
Future Shocks, Part Two
Written By: Veedramon
Previously Four Ghostbusters from the 2020\'s are contacted by a mysterious woman to fulfill... more
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