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92 Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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Andrew's Problem
Written By: Ectodude
Tuesday, May 22nd, 1996 Ghostbusters HQ 1:44 P.M. It was a slow day in the fire hall. Egon was ... more
Welcome Aboard
Written By: Ectodude
June 7, 1995 Ghostbusters HQ 12:57 AM Winston Zeddemore:: Pulls in Ecto-1 and steps out of the ... more
Getting the Idea
Written By: Ectodude
August 11, 1995 Outside Ghostbusters HQ 3:41 PM Peter: What are we out here for, Egon? Egon:... more
Who's Reality?
Written By: Ectodude
November 18th, 1995 Ghostbusters HQ 10:40 AM It was a fairly quite morning, despite Peter�s ear... more
Behind the Scenes: When the guys first started
Written By: Dr. Spengler
Well, we all know how the Ghostbusters first started, but do we really know the details of their beg... more
Ghostbusters 3 Script
Written By: styxrocks477
(We fade in on Madison Square Garden where Ray and Peter are watching the Rangers beat the Avalanche... more
Episode 2: Seperated Evils
Written By: Iceman416
Egon, Peter, and Winston stepped out of the Ectomobile and headed for Jeannine's desk. "We've just ... more
Episode 1: Salem's Wrath
Written By: Iceman416
It was a quiet and boring day in New York. Reuben and Jessica, the young new additions to the force... more
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