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92 Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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Ghostbusters: The Next Generation (Pt1)
Written By: Ghostbuster4evr
Dr. Ray Stanz stood before a large classroom, ready to give a lecture upon the idea of the paranor... more
The Other Side of Forever// Prologue: A Prelude to Forever
Written By: Uncle Sirus
A month had passed since he had seen it. No, that's not right. You see, he didn't just see it...he h... more
Ghostbusters Return Ch. 3
Written By: Zebrapix
According to Mayor Gigliotti�s executive assistant, the media could be described as �going apeshit� ... more
The Grundel:Ghostbusters 3:chapter 1
Written By: thegrundel
On a run down street in the suburbs of New York, there was an apatment building that had been... more
Ghostbusters Return Ch. 2
Written By: Zebrapix
In the main ballroom of the Sedgewick Hotel off Lexington Avenue, Carlos the banquet manager looked ... more
Ghostbusters Return
Written By: Zebrapix
The sky was a thick, Pepto-Bismol pink, curdling and rotting into pulpy cloudlike puffs of gray mage... more
A Night at Fort Detmerring
Written By: Doc Eggman
*Description: This is a piece of fan fiction based on the infamous deleted scene from the original G... more
Ghostbusters: Enter Hell - Chapter 2
Written By: Maverick
Egon Spengler looked up from the keyboard of his computer, 1:38 PM, it was getting time for him to l... more
Ghostbusters: Enter Hell - Chapter 1
Written By: Maverick
This story is very dark and very depressing. Read at your own risk. Chapter 1: An Uncommon O... more
Ghostbusters 3: Who Ya Gonna Call?
Written By: RunDMC
"12:05 am, I'm in the room to the left of bedroom four, where the sounds were heard the previous two... more
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