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92 Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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The Other Side of Forever \\ One: My Crew
Written By: Uncle Sirus
"It's close, guys. I've got 1:3:17 on the PKE." Christi's eyes surveyed the musty attic as... more
No Job To Big!
Written By: Ecto-1Archie
Ray was sitting at his desk reading the NY times when he heard janin's phone ringing, no one was aro... more
Ghostbusters: Enter Hell - Chapter 3
Written By: Maverick
Alex looked up from the corpse of his now dead girlfriend, he had dragged her body off the street t... more
Ghostbusters: End of the Game-Introduction
Written By: GBVenkman114
Introduction to some, Epilouge to others Thirteen years...It had been thirteen years si... more
Unusual Aspects-Chapter 2
Written By: J.C
*Following on from chapter 1* Peter and Egon ran out onto the navigational wing, particle throwers... more
A Flash Of Death
Written By: Katabusterlover
The sun was shinning down on New York City on a Saturday morning. People walked all over the city an... more
Unusual Aspects-Chapter 1
Written By: J.C
*Two years after the events in Ghostbusters II.* The alarm bell rang at 1:00 in the morning. The Gho... more
The Wrath of Gozer- Chapter 2
Written By: Dave Starkey
The voice repeated its proclomation. All the while, the three teens were frozen in shock at what th... more
The Wrath of Gozer-Chapter 1
Written By: Dave Starkey
Egon Spengler looked at the alarm clock on his desk. It was 1:50 in the morning. Pushing himself f... more
A Fine Line
Written By: Dr. Spengler
Jeff had been working on the script carefully and safely for months. A devout Ghostbusters fan, he w... more
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