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92 Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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~HYDE~ chapter 2
Written By: tibor_goodwin
A/N: chapter two is now up. hmm... sooner than Ithought it would be... :) Yehhh... tell me what you ... more
Ghostbusters : The New Breed (prologue)
Written By: ViGozer
"Surprisingly quiet tonight, don't you think?" A police officer zones out in his patrol car, watchin... more
Ghostbusters: The Next Generation-Part Two
Written By: Ghostbuster4evr
The dream had been pleasant, and Ray wished he could have stayed there, instead of the reality had t... more
Dragonbuster Z
Written By: Ghost-Bestler
The Crappy Ghostbusters crossover Parody Series: by Adam Bestler Chapter 1 Dragonbuster Z G... more
Written By: Dr. Spengler
Boon McGrady and Malcolm Malone had been getting along with this new Ghostbusters business quite wel... more
A New Life
Written By: Dr. Spengler
Elmer "Boon" McGrady as he called himself, was starting anew. Anew from what? Anew from his old l... more
Unusual Aspects -Chapter 3 'Game Over'
Written By: J.C
Game Over. A screen was in front of four men wearing red overalls. Each bearing the same messag... more
A Trainee's Run
Written By: Ectodude
I have seen some strange things in my life, but ever since I became a Ghostbuster... this one takes ... more
Action. Suspense. Chinese Food.
Written By: TReznorman
The outside of He-Hu-king�s Chinese looks as if hordes of people stampeded their way out of the rest... more
Ghostbusters 3
Written By: PF4Eva
PROLOGUE: Fade in: Ext. Dark alley at midnight. The rain is pouring heavily. The thunder is ext... more
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