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92 Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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Ghostbusters: Enter Hell - Chapter 4
Written By: Maverick
Winston scratched his brow as he looked up from his magazine, traffic was dead, absolutely nothing i... more
A New Career For The Ghostbusters - Part 2
Written By: Peter Venkmen
This is a contenuation of "Time to find a Job" But with a changed title and a whole new twist to the... more
Ghostbusting 101:-Meeting Of The Minds
Written By: Sinister
�So this is New York University�� Remarked Peter Venkman, he was speaking to no one in particular; h... more
Time To Find A Job - Part One
Written By: Peter Venkmen
Alright this fiction might have a few mistakes in it. Since my computer doesn't have spell check it ... more
The East Tennessee Ghostbusters vs. The Bell Witch Part 1
Written By: SpecterHarness
Anderson County, TN ETGB HQ- December 15, 2:30 PM "That evil old hag!" "Who is, Bill?" asked ... more
The East Tennessee Ghostbusters: Part 1
Written By: SpecterHarness
Anderson County High School, November 17, 2002 English III AP 9:05 AM The classroom was quiet, e... more
Strange Happenings
Written By: NxtGhostbuster
The call alarm went off at 3:37 PM on Friday the first�s afternoon. �Alright, a call. I wonder wha... more
Written By: IDaMan008
Author's Note: OK, this is kinda weird, but I had fun writing it. Hope you all enjoy reading it. Giv... more
~HYDE~ chapter three
Written By: tibor_goodwin
*WARNING* contains scenes of gore. Not so much a lot of violence, just gore. YOUVE BEEN WARNED! oth... more
Wild,Wild Ghostbusters Part 1
Written By: byronghost05
Friday, June 4,2002 GB Headquarters Egon was looking at his old science books. Ray was reading ... more
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