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92 Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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GBNS: A Shining Moment pt1
Written By: Kingpin
Author's Comment and Acknowlegements I do not own any of the characters who don't exhist in this ... more
Written By: peter bo
A young man and a young woman are sitting next to each other on a park bench. They are holding hands... more
ETGB: Part 3
Written By: SpecterHarness
Andy and Brandon walked calmly down the dark stairway, hoping to find Josh and Bill in one piece. ... more
ghostbusters the return of gozer
Written By: roberto182
years later of the most dangeros situation of N.Y the ghostbusters destroy an historical picture of ... more
Ghostbusters: The Musical: The Way It Was Meant to Be Written: CHAPTER ONE
Written By: PF4Eva
Don't confuse this with a previous more
Ghost Less;Part 1
Written By: Scoleri_guy
There are no more things important to them anymore. People have given up on Ghostbusting, the world... more
Wandering Spirit
Written By: Phantom Kali
This story sort of crosses Ghostbusters with RGB. Wandering Spirit Part 1 By Kali Rip... more
East TN Ghostbusters: Part 2
Written By: SpecterHarness
"Hi guys, we're the Middle Tennessee Ghostbusters!" Andy couldn't believe it, one of the most pop... more
GB:3 The New Crew Chptr. 2
2 weeks later January 5, 2003 the big day that Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore would meet the... more
GB:3 The New Crew Chptr. 1
GB3: The New Crew The Ecto-1 sat quietly in the garage. The walls silently echoed the voices that... more
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