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92 Ghostbusters Fan Fictions
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Ghostbusters: Enter Hell - Chapter 5
Written By: Maverick
"Where have you been?" The old librarian asked. "I had a little run in with the NYPD." Alex said p... more
A Dream Reality
Written By: LordVego
All i can do is sit here and laugh; As i decide what to make for his epitaph. Destroying him l... more
Ghostbusters: The Musical 2003 PART TWO
Written By: PF4Eva
Same setting where we left off in Part One: RAY: You know what? We should make contact. On... more
Pandora's Box: Chapter 3
Written By: SolidAsSnake
A plane flew in the air over the clouds. Inside are Peter and Ray sitting adjacent to each... more
Pandora's Box: Chapter 2
Written By: SolidAsSnake
The New York City street was full of cars, all honking. In the field of cars lay the rusty Ecto-1,... more
Pandora's Box: Chapter 1
Written By: SolidAsSnake
The small house stood alone in the empty streets of Elizabeth, New Jersey. A light emerges from th... more
GB in DC: Horror at 1600
Written By: byronghost05
�Ray, I want to go somewhere on vacation� said Peter. �We haven�t busted any ghosts in weeks� sai... more
Rebirth: City of God
Written By: Mat
Rebirth: City of God Ghostbusters A Screenplay by Mat Bill... more
GBNS: A Shining Moment pt3
Written By: Kingpin
Chapter Thirty-Two November 30th Weak sunlight poured through the window as Vincent finished r... more
GBNS: A Shining Moment pt2
Written By: Kingpin
Chapter Sixteen October 14th Two days had passed since she'd had the trance, and it still worr... more
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