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Are You A God?
The Flowers Are Still Standing!
Whoa! Nice Shootin' Tex!
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FHGB: The Movie

Written By: venkmanfan49

FHGB: The Movie
Written by Matt Dula
[We are introduced to the campus of CC&TI. A local community college. A shot fades in and we see the psychology department. Another shot shows a door with a placard that reads: Parapsychology, Dr. Matthew Dula, Dr. James Bowman.]

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User Ratings

river_of_slime - Tue Jun 17, 2003 3:14 PM PSD
Dude that story kick butt! Nice job cant wait to read the rest of it.


dontforgetbttf1 - Tue Jun 17, 2003 5:22 AM PSD
Very good! This would be an awesome movie for real. I'd go see it!


9sam1 - Sun Jun 15, 2003 3:58 PM PSD
that is awesome.... You should really make a fan film it would be sweet good job!


LordVego - Wed Jun 4, 2003 10:20 PM PSD
dude thats a kickass script...make the movie and get it out here!


Jackalman 99 - Sat May 31, 2003 2:39 PM PSD
I liked it, which is strange as I usually don't like fics that change from the movie or TV casts.

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