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Top Ten Stories
- Silent Fright Pt6 - Storm of the Century
Rating: 10
- Dark Side Of The Moon Part Five
Rating: 10
- The True Meaning Of Christmas
Rating: 10
- Ghostbusters Prime: Night Gremlins
Rating: 10
- Blood Busting: Part 2
Rating: 10
- "All Roads Lead to Raccoon City" Part 4
Rating: 10
- Vampire Vincent Ch. # 2
Rating: 10
- Blood Busting: Part 4
Rating: 10
- CRUSADERS Pt 4: Evil's Disease Spreads...
Rating: 10
- Ghostbusters Chicago Division-Part 1:Chapter 3
Rating: 10
New Stories
- "All Roads Lead to Raccoon City" Part 5
Author: Vincent Belmont
- A Boy Named Ray---Chapter 2
Author: C.J.
- Reality Check (Part 1)
Author: egb fan
- Buried Memories
Author: EgonsBabe
- Spirits Of 1776
Author: Erutan
- GBWC: The Bugbear's Revenge
Author: kyleogb1983
- The Letter
Author: RayofSunshine
- Frame up part 1
Author: raysweetie
- The Rebirth of Ray
Author: raysweetie
- We Call Him Ray (parodying
Author: phanta_marmalde
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GB Crossover Featured Fan Fiction
The Days After...
Written By: Fred

I did this not to make light of the situation that happend on 9-11, but as a way to deal with the emotions that were still running through the country. The Days After by Frederick Aaron Ortiz EDUARDO RIVERA: "What a Nightmare." Eduard ... more
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