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Top Ten Episodes
- Back In The Saddle (Part 1)
Rating: 9.7
- Rage
Rating: 9.5
- Darkness At Noon (Part 1)
Rating: 9.4
- Back In The Saddle (Part 2)
Rating: 9.4
- Darkness At Noon (Part 2)
Rating: 9.3
- Grundelesque
Rating: 9.3
- Mole People
Rating: 8.9
- Home Is Where The Horror Is
Rating: 8.7
- The Pied Piper Of Manhattan
Rating: 8.6
- Witchy Woman
Rating: 8.6
Top Ten Figures
- Slimer
Rating: 9.3
- Kylie
Rating: 9
- Egon (Deluxe Series)
Rating: 9
- House Ghost
Rating: 8.9
- Mouth Critter
Rating: 8.8
- Sam Hain
Rating: 8.8
- Eduardo
Rating: 8.5
- Plasma Blaster
Rating: 8.4
- Ecto-1
Rating: 8.2
- Proton Pack
Rating: 8.2
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Season 1 (40)  
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Written By: Martin Olson

Kylie takes it upon herself to "consult" with the most powerful entity in the containment unit in order to stop a ghost, who looks remarkably like a childhood friend of Kylie's who disappeared. Things go from bad to worse, however, when the entity gets loose, and the two ghosts team up. The EGB's must recapture the Grundel and release Kylie's friend from a seven-year spell.
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